Ulla Andesong

Welcome to my world of many colors!!! Thank you for checking in!!!

I had decided that I was never going to touch a digital button! I wanted to stay old fashioned !
–  No mobile phones or computers!!! But…

6 years ago my mom gave me my first computer for christmas- Just two weeks later she left us- And there I sat -obsessed on listening  to MY SPACE for a year straight- as music is one of my passions.

My mom had always wanted to give me a camera- since my first Nikon was stolen from me in -88, and it broke my heart! -It was given to me by Samy Davis Jr in -69 and I was so proud of it.
I didn’t want to accept a camera from her, but then she left me some money and I thought that- it was meant -that I should get myself a digital one to go with the computer!So for the last 5 years I have photographed every single tree every stone and every leaf in my neighborhood  on my doggy walks -as well as I’ve terrorized all my friends and neighbors like the worst kind of  ‘Mamma Razzi”.
I have also learnt to scan old negatives and to restore old photos- that were all taken with the cheapest ‘ Instamatic’ camera.
And I  finally I had my first exhibition in August!
With photos from my all my different lives and passions from the 60’s up to date….
And here are some photos and comments from that exhibition….



Christer Fjellis Fjellman. PhotographerUlla Andesong

“There’s absolutely NO exhibition in Stockholm that beats Ulla Andesongs exhibition. OBSERVE- It’s only open today and tomorrow!
Two rooms -compleetly in her own style- with photos, photos, photos and more photos…mixed with pillows and chests (filled with photos),…. small and big pieces of cardboards with messages written on them…and of course ULLA HERSELF that shows you around  her own photos of Kungsholmen and photos of celebrities……and inspires…..(influences you)  in a positive way- And here you won’t find small framed photos hanging in a row -Here you’ll find an organized (?!) wonderful chaos.
You will get a total experience like you’ve never had…and when you sit down outside in the sofa in the nicely arranged corner  ..and wonder ‘what just happened to you’…
then you will be offered blue berries!!!


Ulf Applequist, Photographer
”I’m on my way….”


Christer Fjellis Fjellman
PS ” Hold on to yourself Ulf”….


Ulf Appelquist
”The photos overwhelmed me-glad – Genuine Ulla!”


Eric Lund, Photographer
”Agree with Fjellis!…. Ulla is creative,positive, incredibly nice and serious.We felt very welcome! GO Ulla!”


Torbjörn Calvero, Photographer
“Fun and interesting!! -I hope she finds a new place- preferably bigger -so I can see it ALL! Cause she has a LOT!”


Nils Albert Eriksson, Dancer Choreographer
“For you who haven’t been there two see it-I suggest that you go immediately! Ullas photos are fantastic!”


Hilda Helwig, Opera director (Awarded by the king for her work- and professor at the dramatic Institute)
”Meet Ulla—she is a fantastic person and a really attentive photographer !…..” Ulla You are the only photographer I smile for”.


Peter Ortvik, Photographer
”Sublime in every way!! You Rock!!!”


Kajsa Grytt, Singer song writer
 ”Ulla!  Super fine photos- You are a fantastic photographer!! Thousand kisses!!”


Rory Flynn, Photographer
”Ulla I would love to make a wall paper of this picture- I love it sooooo much……for now it’s my screen saver!”


Ella Lemhagen, Award-winning Film director and screen writer
“Thank you! and Thank you again!!! for your great exhibition!”


Py Bäckman, Singer song writer
”..she’s like a earth quaaaaake!!!”
Mathias Cleason, Costume designer for the opera
”Ulla is now my royal photographer..and such an incredibly cool woman!”


Marianne Faithfull
“Dearest Ulla- Rizzoli NY has almost finished putting together a photo book -witch will be published in October, and we would very much like to include that picture you took of me in it… they need the photograph in high-res- would you have that in your files?? also my assistant is going to send you a form from the editor for you to sign .Much love M xxxxx”